Thanks To Rock Star...It really does work!

Thanks To Rock Star...It really does work!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st Annual IBPA Northwest Wisconsin Bench Press Championships

Sanctioning By The IBPA.
The Independent Bodybuilding Powerlifting Association

SInce 1983 the IBPA has been sponsoring and promoting natural bodybuilding and powerlifting events. We encourage all athletes to stay natural. All athletes who break state records of The IBPA will be given a certification award to the record that they broke in the dead lift or bench press. No membership is required in the IBPA for any athlete. Random drug testing of all athletes will take place at all meets.

Brent Mielke
IBPA National Chairman

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  1. Awesome event! My hat off to the organizer. I will be attending many more events...

    Michael Buxrude