Thanks To Rock Star...It really does work!

Thanks To Rock Star...It really does work!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st Annual IBPA Northwest Wisconsin Bench Press Championships

1st Annual IBPA Northwest Wisconsin Bench Press Championships
Saturday March 26, 2011
At Any Time Fitness
Menomonie Wisconsin

WEIGH IN From 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. at Anytime Fitness


THE EXCITEMENT STARTS Right After The Competitors Rules Meeting

The Event will be held at Anytime Fitness large exercise room in Menomonie Wisconsin

Any Time Fitness
1700 Stout Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
(715) 309-4441

Raw or Equipped Two different divisions. You can only enter one.

Weight Classes:
Male: 104 pounds and under, 123 lbs , 132 lbs, 148 lbs, 165 lbs, 181 lbs, 198 lbs, 220 lbs, 242 lbs, 275 lbs, Super HWT.

(11 weight classes for the gentlemen )

Females: 104 pounds and under 104.25 lbs to 114 lbs, 114.25 lbs to 123 lbs, 123.25 to 132 lbs, 132.25 to 148, 148.25 to 165, 165.25 to 198, and 198.25 and over

( 8 weight classes for the ladies )

Teen I (12-15)
Teen II (16-19)
Novice I (20-24)
Novice II (25-29)
Sub Masters (30-39)
Master I (40-49)
Master II (50- 59)
Master III (60-69)
Master IIII (7O and over )
You can only enter one division
Awards: 1st through 5th place will receive plaques in each division.


1 Competitors must pre-register for the competition before lifting.

2. Wear snug fitting clothes.

3. Both feet must stay flat on the ground.

4. The head is to remain in contact with the bench and the buttock must stay on the bench.

5. Lift offs are allowed-arms must be straight at the start and at the end of the lift.

6.During the lift, the weight will be lowered to the chest and paused until a press signal is given, then you may press the bar off the chest and lock the arms straight

7. You may rack the bar only when the rack signal has been given. If at any time during the lift, the bar dips harshly to one side or the other, an illegal lift call will be given.

8. When giving your next bench weight to the scoring table, remember that you can only request a heavier lift, not a lighter one.

9. Bring your cameras to capture your special moments.

10. Have fun and cheer everyone on.

11. Bring a friend or two to watch.

12. No chalk will be provided. Bring your own and please be neat.
Entry Fee: $35.00 before March 12th 2011 $45 after March 12, 2011

Please send in your registration early to guarantee a t-shirt and plaque. I will try my best to make sure everyone comes home with an award. Please enter by March 12th if possible. $45 fee after March 12, 2011. We will take walk ins on the day. We will mail your plaque to you if you register on the day.
Each participant will receive a t-shirt with registration.

Simple 2011 Northwest Wisconsin Bench Press Championships Entry Form:




State: ______________Zip:___________

E-mail: ____________________________


Gym and city where you workout: ________________________________


Weigh class:______________________


Projected First Attempt: _____________

T-shirt size: Sm___ Med___ Lg___ XL___ XXL___ ($3 extra fee on any t-shirt over XXL) XXXL____ XXXXL____

Mail a your check of $35 before march 12, 2011 to:

Brent Mielke
109 Linden Street SE
Sleepy Eye MN 56085

Admission charged for all non lifters: $3
Order your tickets in advance for $2. Please send in your early ticket reservations with your entry forms.


  1. Is Bench Press T-Shirts allowed in this meet? or no?

  2. Raw Division
    and Equipped Division.

    Enter one or the other.

  3. Just making sure that the meet is still on for Sat. What the number of people so far, i got 3 cming for sure.